end of summer engagement session at leroy oaks

Anytime I get to photograph at Leroy Oaks, my heart is happy!
Little known fact about Leroy Oaks Forest Preserve; it's where I got my start in photography! It's only a few miles from where I grew up, so when I started taking an interest in photographing people, I'd have my friends meet me out there and I'd shoot away! 

Anytime I get to get back to Leroy, it's like going home. I love shooting here as it's just a nice little oasis away from the city and it always serves epic golden hour light! Brittany and Bart chose this spot for their engagement session and did NOT disappoint! 

These two love the more natural, outdoor vibes and are getting married next May at Heritage Prairie Farms! I'm so excited to capture them; they have so much fun together!

Congratulations you two!



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