amy & jacob: e-session

I love photographing high-school sweethearts!
Amy and I had been chatting about her wedding for awhile. I could tell how excited she was to finally be marrying Jacob, the boy who stole her heart in high school. I've learned about their story through our emails and I was so excited to finally meet them at their engagement session!

Their wedding date is super special because it marks the 10 year anniversary of them officially dating! IS THAT NOT THE SWEETEST THING EVER! I got to hear so many great stories of their lives together and after spending my evening with them in front of my camera, I know they are going to be together FOREVA! 

We had the perfect summer evening at Lincoln Park before trying our hand at the Lakefront walking trail! It was beautiful and they are beautiful and I cannot wait for their beautiful wedding next October!

Congratulations you two!!


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