2019 was one amazing year!

introducing: industria

There's a new venue in town!

mr. & mrs. wilmsen

Christmas weddings are so magical!

izabela & josh: e-session


christina & tim: e-session

Christmastime in the city!

mr. & mrs. templin


mr. & mrs. bucaro

When your bride and groom want twinkle light photos; you give them twinkle light photos!

gianna & ryan: e-session

There's nothing quite like fall in the city.

mr. & mrs. cramer

No words. 

jessie & jason: e-session

You just might recognize these two!

becca & kyle: e-session

Lincoln Park in the fall is pure magic. Throw in a golden retriever named Corby and you have my heart.

hannah & nathan: e-session

What is life?

mr. & mrs. meyer

Rain is magic!

mr. & mrs. short

Fall was on fire with this wedding!

mr. & mrs. minuche

Talk about elegant class; whoo!

klaudia & mike: e-session

When your bride tells you their corgi is in the wedding, you book the damn wedding!

audra & steve: e-session

I have no words for this one.

the cloud nine experience

It goes without saying, but this is my favorite team in the industry!

mr. & mrs. moore

And the winner for the smiliest couple goes to THESE TWO!

mr. & mrs. austin

These two are so in love, my jaw hurts from smiling STILL!

cloud nine; enchanted: a styled shoot

Team Cloud Nine stepped into an enchanting fall season!

kim & kevin: an anniversary session

Kim and Kevin are celebrating one year of marriage!

mr. & mrs. johns

Rain brings the romance to this wedding day!

miranda & jorge

When an unhappy bride (not my bride!) contacts you for some wedding get this!

mr. & mrs. haizman

Give me all the backyard weddings!

mr. and mrs. thompson

Have I told you how great the Chicago wedding community is?

mr. & mrs. savas

I don't choose favorites, but on September 7, 2019, this wedding was my favorite.

mr. and mrs. sera

The sweetest intimate wedding, EVER!

mr. and mrs. kowal

Polish weddings are now my favorite!

alana & danny: e-session

Meet Moose. And his Mom and Dad too!

yana & christian: e-session

I REALLY wanted to a shoot with a couple that was willing to get in the water. They got in the water.

nancy & daniel: anniversary session

When the fair comes to town, these two play!

chelsea & joe: e-session

The most perfect engagement session included a chocolate chip coffee cake!

mr. & mrs. carroccio

Michigan now has my heart!

stephanie & ivan: couples session

The winners of my 2k Giveaway!

brandan & ila: esession

What do you get when you combine these two with the most amazing day in the city? THIS SESSION!

cate & thomas: e-session

The most perfect night for an engagement session.

J . & . J: the proposal

She said yes...right after she walked away...

dianas bridal

 Lordy these dresses, these models, this LOCATION!

mr. and mrs. chaiyarat

These two know how to throw one epic party!

mr. and mrs. andrews

Sarah & Spencer are MARRIED!

joe and dana: a proposal


yellow: a cloud nine reunion

Please tell your lovers and friends, that the champs had to do it againnnnn.

mr. & mrs. bailey

Devin needs to become a wedding planner.

Inside a Wedding Photographer's Brain (as told in Mean Girl Gifs): What a wedding photographer will never tell you

There's some things we think you should know. 
**you can certainly sit with us, but I had to have this gif somewhere**

mr. and mrs. docauer

Rain couldn't dampen this day if it tried!

mr. and mrs. laurenti

My sixth wedding season kicked off with the best couple ever!

Inside a Wedding Photographer's Brain (as told in Bridesmaids gifs) What we want you to know

These are the tips you likely won't see in our prep guide. Not because we don't want you to know them, but because I have to be blunt in order for you to know them. 

laura & anthony: e-session

Spring has finally freaking sprung!

volles bridal: a styled shoot

That one time I got to photograph Fernanda from 90 Day Fiance...
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