mr. & mrs. lovato

There's something so magical about lake-house weddings.

mr. & mrs. cimaglia

The most perfect backyard wedding ever!

sidney & eric: e-session

When a Texas girl and a Midwest boy fall in love...

krista & dom: e-session

When you show up in the outfits you met in....omg 😍

brooke & sean: e-session

Question to all of my couples: how does it feel to be drop dead gorgeous?

mr. & mrs. tamalonis

The third time is truly the charm!

elisa & myles: e-session

I will never get sick of Leroy Oaks and my gorgeous couples being photographed there.

ilyssa & matt: e-session

Can I just say it again...nothing beats summertime Chi!

bridget & chris: e-session

A quiet rainy evening in the city is SUPER romantic...just sayin!

mr. & mrs. keller

Not even rain or COVID was going to stop these two!

mr. & mrs. backhaus

A romantic ceremony in the middle of wildflowers? OK!

gabby & matthew: e-session

Chonky frenchy + gorgeous mom and dad=my dream come true!

alexander & jess: anniversary session

I love getting to see my couples again!

megan & tj: e-session

Y'all. My couples are the greatest folk.

mr. & mrs. sanchez: 4 year anniversary

What's more Chicago than Lou's?

amy & jacob: e-session

I love photographing high-school sweethearts!

mr. & mrs. harms

The dreamiest summer wedding with all the heart eyes!

cori & darin: e-session

Wrigleyville has my heart!

emily & rocco: e-session


mr. and mrs. servos


mr. & mrs. smith

When COVID threatens to take away your wedding, you tell it who is BOSS!

annette & brandon: e-session

Golden hour + these two=😍

kathleen & joey: e-session

There's nothing quite like Lincoln Park in the summertime!

mr. & mrs. whiting

I'm telling you, even in IL, you can't go wrong with gardens

mr. and mrs. wiechert

I cried. ALOT. 

mr. and mrs. winner

When you make lemonade out of lemons!

wedding would be: maddy & chris

taco bell & twirls

7 Ways to Include Your Fur Child into Your Wedding Day

Wanting to include your fur child in your day, but not sure how? Here are 7 easy ways! 

Should I Do a First Look?

Yes. Yes you should. 

How to Take Better Photos of your Pets

There's no better time than quarantine to practice your pet photo-taking skills.

How to Choose the Best Getting Ready Space for Photos

You voted and you wanted to know!

love is in the air: in spain

El Amor Esta en El Aire

kelsey & peter: e-session

They just added model to their resume!

jori & matt: hawaiian engagement session


morgan & kevin: e-session

I want to be BFF's with these two!

mr. & mrs. alqas

2020 officially started with a BANG!

top photo wedding tips: for brides

Education aint never hurt nobody!

Inside a Wedding Photographer's Brain (as told in Legally Blonde gifs): Questions we want you to ask us

You voted and you shouted loud and clear: Legally Blonde is your top pick for this blog post!


Did you hear that?




When you do the damn thing!


Everyone is posting their "decade glow-up" so I thought, why not? 

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